Nightmare at Sea - A Pirate Service Announcement is the first comic in SpongeBob Comics No. 11.



On The Minty Lady, a pirate has just defeated the crew of The Minty Lady to get a treasure chest filled with the complete run of Lifeboat Louie. He notices that the entire collection is covered with Book Barnacles.

A narrator cuts in and asks the audience if Book Barnacles have ruined their comics. He or she tells the audience that even the strongest lockbox cannot keep them out. The pirate then asks if there is anything that he can do. The narrator tells him that he can let the shore birds into his cabin to eat away the barnacles. He then says that one will see the results immediately. The pirate, who is partially covered in bird poop, says that the comics are clean.

The narrator then says that SpongeBob Comics are printed on anti-barnacle paper.