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The Scary Robot Movie

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Night of the Robot is a horror movie that scared SpongeBob to believe that robots are taking over the world. It appears in, and is largely like "Krab Borg."


Robots starts taking over the world, and chase people around. It is not confirmed why they wanted to take over the world, but it is most likely that they want to free their fellow appliances. In appearance these robots are metal gray, with two vertically-positioned red bulbs for eyes, walk slowly with flat feet, and have large pincers for hands. They also run on batteries, speak in a matter of beeps, can't love, can't cry, and can't laugh.

While the robots are battling, the main hero and one of his friends gang up and interrogate a robot for information (SpongeBob explains this as "getting the poop,") but what they find out is that the robots don't actually exist, it was all their imagination.


  • This movie is live-action.
  • The man running from the robot is Dan Povenmire, one of the creators for Phineas and Ferb.

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