I'm Nick Fishkins and I want to buy your home!
— Nick Fishkins, "Sold!"

Nick Fishkins is a character who appears in the episode "Sold!"


Nick Fishkins is a olive-yellow fish who has large faded green lips, a tiny mustache, and a faded green fin. He wears a brown uniform with an orange tie, and black shoes.


Nick Fishkins was first seen on Patrick's television as the role of a house seller. Due to the conversational style of the commercial, Patrick believes Fishkins has really bought his house. He was later seen on SpongeBob's television, causing SpongeBob to also believe his house has been sold. Later in the episode, Squidward, after explaining what Fishkins does to SpongeBob and Patrick, decides to call him to come and buy his house. However, when he arrives, Squidward's house has literally been flipped, and Fishkins decides he does not want to buy Squidward's house, and drives off.


  • His name suggests that he could be related to Billy Fishkins, but since Billy is an anchovy and Nick is another type of fish, it is likely that they just have the same last name.
  • His house flipping commercial confuses SpongeBob and Patrick into doing the following: