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Clean Toilets

New Sponge was a TV Spot which only appears in the episode "Model Sponge." In the TV Spot, SpongeBob plays a kitchen sponge, which is used by Hans, the big human hand, to clean a dirty and muddy bathroom. When Hans wants to clean a toilet with SpongeBob, SpongeBob doesn't want to, then holds onto the edges of the forcing Hans to try and push him in the toilet. After that, SpongeBob retires, saying that the job of cleaning a bathroom is not right for him, and then goes back to Mr. Krabs, begging him to left his job as a fry cook back. In the TV Spot, the Photographer calls SpongeBob the New Sponge.


  • New Sponge is a very odd name. Considering, even if it was old it would still be New Sponge.

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