Ned and the Needlefish are a popular music group, with Ned as the band leader. They appear in the episodes "Wigstruck" and "Hello Bikini Bottom!"


Ned is kind, but he got aggravated when the Needlefish played with his wig. The Needlefish seem quite playful but Ned is more serious about their work. The band was about to break up when they arrived at Bigshot Records due to Ned being bald. Without his powdered wig, he had no respect. After he found his wig again, all was well and the band went on to sell many hit records.



When Ned showed his band the wig, they questioned whether it was a wig or a pile of toilet paper. One of the band members took it off to try it on, thus revealing Ned's baldness. So, they played Hot Potato, and eventually, the wig fell out of the window of the bus. Ned later goes to Bigshot Records and gets kicked out of the band due to his baldness. Afterward, he walked around Bikini Bottom in shame and gets slammed in his face by his missing wig that SpongeBob abandoned. Ned then rejoined the band and sold a hit record. Later on, people started wearing Ned's wig, probably due to the sudden rise in popularity.

"Hello Bikini Bottom!"


Ned and the Needlefish seen in "Hello Bikini Bottom!"

Ned and the Needlefish make their second appearance in this episode. Their fame seems to have continued over the time since they were last seen in "Wigstruck." They play in Bikini Bottom before they head out far to play at a bigger stadium. However, Mr. Krabs switches the signs which makes Ned and the Needlefish head toward a run down store. One of the members thinks they have gone downhill but decided to play anyway. Ned seems to have lost his earlier hang-up about being bald, as he wears no wig or hat here.


  • Ned started a wig trend, with nearly every Bikini Bottomite wearing his wig, in the episode "Wigstruck."
    • However, in the episode special "Hello Bikini Bottom!," Ned does not have his trademark wig featured. It is probably due to it going out of style or he might have abandoned it like SpongeBob did. However, it remains unknown. It is also unknown why he didn't get a new wig, unless he simply stopped being self-conscious about his baldness.
  • In both episodes, Ned has a different manager. That means the original manager canceled their contract between the episodes.