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Navy Captain
Interests: Being in the Navy
Being captains of ships
Occupation(s): Navy Captain
Luxury Ocean Cruise Line Captain
Education: The Navy
Awards: Manly Toughness Trophy (possibly)
Aliases: Cruise Ship Captain
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light Green
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Friends: Mr. Krabs
Employees: Mr. Krabs (possibly)
Mutton Chop (possibly)
Lockjaw Jones (possibly)
Torpedo Belly (possibly)
Iron Eye (possibly)
Enemies: Sheldon Plankton
Karen Plankton
Series information
First appearance: "Shell of a Man"
Latest appearance: "Walking the Plankton"
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The Navy Captain is the captain of Mr. Krabs' Navy Crew. He is green with a mustache, and a navy blue suit.


He is an older character with a big, bushy mustache and wears the typical Navy uniform which is a blue hat and a blue suit with badges and stripes. He is highly ranked in the Navy.


He is seen in "Shell of a Man" and briefly in "Walking the Plankton." He calls "Armor Abs Krabs" (Mr. Krabs' Navy nickname) up to the stage to give a speech. He appears to be elderly. He also made a cameo appearance in "Walking the Plankton."


  • According to the episode, "Walking the Plankton," he is currently on parole.

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