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Navy Buddies
Shell of a Man 064
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: The Navy
Occupation(s): Retired Sailors
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Various
Eye color: Various
Classification: Fish
Series information
Appearance: "Shell of a Man"
List of characters

The Navy Buddies are Mr. Krabs' friends and former shipmates from back when he was in the Navy in 1960. They are all unique with different nicknames; Mr. Krabs' nickname was "Armor Abs Krabs." They are all muscular, and it is revealed that they each have a secret. They all only appeared in the episode, "Shell of a Man."


  • Torpedo Belly: A large green fish that was said to have a Torpedo lodged in his belly, back from the Navy. He always punches Mr. Krabs in the gut, since he has Armor Abs. He wears an orange shirt and light blue pants. It is revealed that his torpedo was removed, long ago, after his retirement from the Navy.
  • Mutton Chop: A yellow fish. He has sideburns, a navy blue uniform, and a hat. He was one of Mr. Krabs' best friends back in the Navy. He reveals that his sideburns are fake.
  • Iron Eye: A muscular gray fish. He is said to have iron in the place of his eye. He was one of Mr. Krabs' friends. He reveals that his iron eye is actually made of formica.
  • Lockjaw Jones: Another large, muscular navy fish that is of the color purple. He has a locked-up jaw, so his bite is not right, this is a sign of toughness to the navy. He is one of Mr. Krabs' best friends. It was revealed that he now wears dentures.
  • Eugene H. Krabs: He is known by the other members as Armor Abs Krabs. He had such strong abs, anyone could punch them and he wouldn't even feel it. Even though he had lost his shell, he still won the Trophy of Manly Toughness.

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