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National Free Balloon Day

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National Free Balloon Day

SpongeBob and Patrick with the "stolen" balloon.

National Free Balloon Day is a holiday that the Bikini Bottomites celebrate. This event is about fun, and people get free balloons when they visit The Park. This event is only noted in "Life of Crime."


National Free Balloon Day was celebrated all day during the time of Life of Crime. SpongeBob and Patrick decided to "borrow" a balloon and ended up popping it. However, SpongeBob and Patrick then assumed that they stole the balloon and they both went to the police station. However, they were let out as soon they came in with the policemen telling them that they "stole" a balloon on Free Balloon Day.


  • SpongeBob and Patrick thought they stole a balloon on free balloon day. For whatever reason, they did not know that day was National Free Balloon Day.

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