If you were looking for the article about the civilian, then see Nancy Suzy Fish.

Nancy [2] O'Malley [3] (or better known as Officer Nancy) is a blonde-haired, lavender fish. She works as a police officer in Bikini Bottom with other officers. Sometimes she appears to be quite dimwitted.


She is a lavender colored fish with blonde hair. She wears a white shirt with a big gold badge on it, blue pants, black shoes, and a blue police hat.


She and her partner, usually Officer John Slugfish, had a large role in "Nasty Patty." In this episode, Mr. Krabs gave her a soda but forgot to give her ice, Then, when she hit the Health Inspector in the head with a barrel, her first name is revealed. When she arrested SpongeBob for not inviting her to his party in "Party Pooper Pants," her last name is also revealed. Nancy's 6 partners are Officer John Slugfish, Officer Rob, a yellow one, a purple one (males), a female green officer with orange curly hair (appeared only in the ending of "No Free Rides" and "Goo Goo Gas"), and her twin sister Marcie, who only appears in "Patty Caper." She looks just like Nancy except that she is green and has red hair. SpongeBob called her to arrest the Tattletale Strangler (unfortunately, the Strangler escaped again). She was happy when SpongeBob "put" the Strangler in jail (the strangler did it by himself and was with Patrick).

Video Game Appearances

  • The Yellow Avenger - Officer Nancy was one of the characters to whom SpongeBob can talk and whom he can help (such as delivering packages for Squidward and completing her patty that does not have a pickle). She has a fish tail in the game, and when you talk to her, her picture is shown in which she has dark purple skin and has orange hair.


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