My Nephews Are Coming to Visit is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic in a Nickelodeon Magazine.


SpongeBob's 3 nephews, SpongeBrian, SpongeKevin, and SpongeCarl, are coming to visit. Everyone in town wants to see them, but when they get off the bus, they are older and bigger, and now they are teens. SpongeBob cannot believe this. The 3 nephews wreck the house, causing SpongeBob to plan ideas to get them out. One day, the nephews are over at Squidward's, and they love Squidward's culture.

Things that the nephews do

  • Wreck SpongeBob's house
  • "Accidentally" hurt SpongeBob
  • Tattoo Gary
  • Body-slam houses
  • Eat people's Kelpo
  • Use people as skating ramps
  • Rip SpongeBob's landlord's mustache off, mistaking him for SpongeBob wearing a mustache.
  • Accidentally hurt Squidward



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