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Mutton Chop
Shell of a Man 064
Iron Eye (far left), Lockjaw Jones (second), Topedo Belly (third), Mutton Shop (far right), and SpongeBob in Mr. Krabs' shell
General information
Education: The Navy
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow
Eye color: White and black
Classification: Fish
Friends: Torpedo Belly
Iron Eye
Lockjaw Jones
Eugene Harold Krabs
Employer: Navy Captain (former)
First appearance: "Shell of a Man"
Latest appearance: "Shell of a Man"
List of characters

Mutton Chop is one of Armor Abs Krabs's Navy Buddies. He attends the "Navy Festival," where he applauds Mr. Krabs for admitting to his molten skin and hiding it from his friends. He would then proceed to remove the sideburns, or muttonchops (hence his nickname), from his face, revealing them as being false.


Mutton Chop first appeared in the season four episode, "Shell of a Man." Mr. Krabs revealed early in the episode that he was once a part of the Navy, and mentioned Chop as one of his "Navy Buddies". Chop was later seen in the episode at the "Navy Festival," where he was alluded that SpongeBob was actually Mr. Krabs. Later in the episode, after the plan had failed, Mr. Krabs reveals that he used SpongeBob as a decoy to prevent from showing his molted body in public. Proud of Krabs' heroic revelation, Mutton Chop, along with the other Navy Buddies, reveal their unmanly secrets. In Chop's case, he revealed his sideburns were fake.


Mutton Chop is tan fish with black eyebrows and sideburns, which are later revealed as fake. Chop also has large red lips. He wears a blue jacket over a light green sweater. He sports a blue hat, which bears a resemblance to a conductor's hat, to complete his outfit.

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