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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see MuscleBob BuffPants.
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MuscleBot is the unused robot spongebob boss phase.


You will need:

  • QuickBMS importer (It comes with the QuickBMS package)
  • Funlunde's scripts
  • GCRebuilder
  • BFBB's ISO file
  • Something to run the ISO (Dolphin emulator, Wii, etc...)
  1. Open the BFBB ISO in GCRebuilder and dump all of the game's files into a folder.
  2. In Windows, or any file explorer, go to the b3 folder and delete b302.hip and b302.hop. Copy and paste b301.hip and b301.hop in the same folder and rename them to b302 each. This swaps Chum Bucket Lab with the unused phase.
  3. Create two blank files (must be 0 zero bytes) and rename one of them: DUMMY_ARMCOLL_LEFT.simp and the other DUMMY_ARMCOLL_RIGHT.simp
  4. Reimport the files to the new b302.hip with QuickBMS's importer. This fixes the bug.
  5. In GCRebuilder rebuild a new ISO with the folder you dumped the game's data in.
  6. Play.

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