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Muffsies the Snail

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Mosteeze the Snail
Muffsies (right) and her owner (left)
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Eye color: Black
Friends: Gary
Enemies: Teal fish
First appearance: "Grooming Gary"
Latest appearance: "Grooming Gary"
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Muffsies is a snail that only appears in the episode "Grooming Gary." She was owned by a teal fish. When the teal fish put sunglasses around her eyes, she shook them off because she didn't like them, so her owner put tiny ones on her that wouldn't slip off. When Gary told all the other pets what to do and they started to riot, Muffsies put the tiny sunglasses on the teal fish's eyes, and he screamed.


Muffsies has a light orange shell with red spots, and is seen with bits of fabric coming off her shell. She has a very pale purple body that is teal colored at the bottom. She is seen with a diamond on the back of her shell, and she also has large eyelashes and black cornea/iris/pupil.


  • Muffsies hates wearing sunglasses.
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