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Mrs. Wormsley
Mrs Wormsley Pet Pest
Aliases: Mr. Wormsley
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Pink and light red
Eye color: Light yellow with black pupils
Classification: Worm
Children: Mrs. Wormsley's children
Enemies: Gary the Snail
Series information
Appearance: "Pet or Pests"
List of characters

Mrs. Wormsley is a pink Spotted Glistening Meadow Worm that only appears in the episode "Pet or Pests."


She is a pink colored worm with light yellow eyes and black pupils.  She has a darker shade of pink under her body, and has short light red legs similar to those of an ant's.  Little hairs can be seen sprouting out at certain places of the body.


At first, she seems tame and docile, but from the way she acted, Mrs. Wormsley gets quite angry with Gary, making them fight each other. This is because she and Gary hate each other as they fight like cats and dogs as they are the underwater equivalents. Gary once again fights Mrs. Wormsley and wins the duel, abandoning her newborn litter and most likely leaving town.

Originally, SpongeBob called the worm Mr. Wormsley thinking she was a male. Soon, though, he discovered it was a girl when she gave birth. Mrs. Wormsley had five small babies, and they were sold at the end of the episode.


  • In the German version, she is called "Frau Würmlinger," which means "Miss Würmlinger."
  • In the Croatian version, she is called "Gospođa Crvić," which means "Mrs. Wormy."
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