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Mrs. Puff's Vegetable Garden

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Mrs. Puff's Vegetable Garden
Growth Spout 20
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: "Growth Spout"
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Mrs. Puff's Vegetable Garden is an area that just appears in the episode "Growth Spout."


The garden is quite small, without many vegetables. Small plants of certain vegetables are planted and spread out, leaving most of the area blank with just grass. There are not many vegetables in this garden. The vegetable garden is very important for Mrs. Puff, because she even talks about it in her sleep. It is located at the front of Mrs. Puff's House.


In "Growth Spout," Mr. Krabs looks for food for Pearl, who is going through her growth spurt. Mr. Krabs then steals food from Mrs. Puff. He then spots lots of peanuts, but it turns out that they are Peanut Worms. The worms squirt gooey liquid into his face.

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