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Mrs. Puff's Giant Monster Boat

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Mrs. Puff's Giant Monster Boat
Mrs. Puff's Giant Monster Boat
Type: Vehicle
Appearance: "Demolition Doofus"
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Mrs. Puff's Giant Monster Boat is a giant boat. It was only seen in "Demolition Doofus."


The boat is green. The front side has small lights and the back side has exhaust pipes and shoot out black smoke. The bottom of the boat has 4 large wheels while the top part has a driver's seat, a steering wheel, and a wipers switch.

Role in series

When SpongeBob won a demolition derby, Mrs. Puff got mad and to demolition derby with a giant monster truck and said "I'm the Huff." Mrs. Puff immediately drove her giant monster boat right into the crowd of fish and SpongeBob's demolition boat car. Some of the crowd of fish fell onto the front of Mrs. Puff's view and because of this, she used the wipers to get them off. After that, Mrs. Puff chases after SpongeBob who is still driving in his small demolition boat car. SpongeBob then get drives into Mrs. Puff's Boating School and crashes both him and Mrs. Puff causing the giant monster truck to become destroyed.


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