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Mrs. Krabs (Pearl's Mother)

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Mrs. Krabs
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Spouse: Eugene H. Krabs (Husband)
Children: Pearl Krabs (Daughter)
Nephews: 3 Unnamed Nephews
Other relatives: Betsy Krabs (Mother-in-law)
Victor Krabs (Father-in-law)
List of characters

Mrs. Krabs was or is the mother of Pearl Krabs and the wife of Eugene Krabs. She either died, or she divorced Eugene. Mr. Krabs says in a book that Pearl takes after her mother, suggesting that Mrs. Krabs was a whale. She Was Renamed Into Betsy Krabs & the late Victor Krabs. It is unknown If she will ever appear in the show, even one time On Charlie Brown & Squidward Killed Mrs Krabs & Goes Extinct.

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