Mrs. Fluff was a version of Mrs. Puff who was an anthropomorphic marshmallow creme jar that lived in Pint Bottom, which was found in the Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream. She was CreamBob's teacher, and was only seen in the comicstrip CreamBob ConePants.


She was an anthropomorphic jar of marshmallow creme. She wore a red "skirt," a dark blue "shirt" with the word "Fluff" on it in orange, and a dark blue "hat." She had orange "hair," white arms and small legs and feet.


CreamBob ConePants introduced her, along with the other main ice cream-themed characters, to SpongeBob and Patrick. It is then implied that she, along with everyone else in Pint Bottom, was eaten by SpongeBob and Patrick.


  • She and Sherbet make the least amount of appearances out of the ice cream-themed main characters, only appearing in the panel they are introduced in.

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