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— Mr. Seaweed Monster Man, "That's No Lady"
Seaweed Man
Seaweed Monster
Residence: Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green seaweed; red, orange, and tan skin
Eye color: Green
Series information
Appearance: "That's No Lady"
Portrayer: Jeff Bennett
List of characters

Seaweed Man,[1] also known as Mr. Seaweed Monster Man[2], is a creature who appears in "That's No Lady."


He is a seaweed monster with seaweed for hair, and he wears seaweed. He has red lips, light orange arms, light orange, red, and yellow legs, and a red and yellow colored nose.


When Patrick, who is trying to create a new identity for himself because he believes he is the target of an assassin, suggests to become "Mr. Seaweed Monster Man," SpongeBob indicates that there has already been a Mr. Seaweed Monster Man, at which point Mr. Seaweed Monster Man appears and says "Hey!" and waves to SpongeBob and Patrick.


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