This is the page about Mr. Puff. If you were looking for the article about the Shell City pufferfish, then see Unknown Pufferfish.

Mr. Puff was Mrs. Puff's husband. He was caught and killed by humans and turned into a light bulb cover for a lamp.


His only physical appearance is in the episode, "Krusty Love," where he is shown getting turned on by a human hand with a pull switch, revealing him dead. When Mr. Krabs asks what happened to Mr. Puff, SpongeBob replies that Mrs. Puff does not like to talk about it.


  • It's possible Mrs. Puff chose to keep her maiden name after Mr. Puff's death.
  • In the mobile game SpongeBob Moves In!, one of the tasks Mrs. Puff can do is talk to Mr. Puff.