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You may have been looking for the pufferfish seen at shell city, it can be found here: Unknown Pufferfish
Mr. Puff
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Tan
Eye Color: Black
Spouse: Mrs. Puff (wife)
Ancestors: Polene Puff
Series Information
First appearance: Krusty Love
Latest appearance: Krusty Love
List of characters

Mr. Puff was Mrs. Puff's husband. Unfortunately, he was killed by humans, and turned into a light cover. The only picture of him was in the episode Krusty Love, where he is shown getting turned on by a human hand pulling a switch. SpongeBob says Mrs. Puff doesn't like to talk about what happened to him.


  • Mr. Puff was probably killed and taken to Shell City, being sold.
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