This is the page about Mr. Krabs (Western). If you were looking for the article about his descendant, then see Eugene H. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs[1] was the owner of the Krusty Kantina and Eugene H. Krabs' Western ancestor. He first appears in the episode "Pest of the West." He also appeared in the game Pest of the West Showdown! and the book adaptation of "Pest of the West."


Mr. Krabs looks exactly like Eugene, but wears Western-style overalls with yellow buttons, a blue long sleeve shirt, a green tie, and dark blue pants without a belt.


Unlike his descendant Eugene, who has a lot of money, this Mr. Krabs was broke because Dead Eye Plankton kept taking all of his mortgage payments.

He regained his money after the new sheriff SpongeBuck SquarePants defeated the villain.


  • Mr. Krabs appears to be a little less cheap and greedy than Eugene.


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