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Mr. Krabs' First Dollar

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Mr. Krabs' First Dollar

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Type: Money
First appearance: "Wet Painters"
Latest appearance: "Friend or Foe"
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Mr. Krabs' First Dollar is the first dollar earned by Eugene H. Krabs and first appeared in the episode, "Wet Painters." After SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star got paint on it, Patrick colored it to look like a dollar and ruined it. However, Mr. Krabs was able to clean it up with saliva. It is revealed how Eugene H. Krabs got his first dollar in "Friend or Foe."



Original Version - The Dollar looks normal and Mr. Krabs hung it on the wall

Patrick's Version - Patrick drew on it and it looked nothing like a real dollar.


  • Along with Mr. Krabs' First Dollar, he also has received his 1 millionth dollar.
  • There have been different stories about Mr. Krabs' First Dollar.

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