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Mr. Krabs' Double

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Mr. Krabs' Double
Mr. Krabs (left) and his Double (right)
Interests: Being a stunt double
Occupation(s): Stunt Double
Physical appearance
Gender: Most likely Male
Color: Red
Eye color: Black
Classification: Most likely Crab
Friends: Possibly Squidward
Employer: Squidward Tentacles (Temporary)
Series information
Appearance: "As Seen on TV"
List of characters

Mr. Krabs' Double is an understudy of Mr. Krabs. He appears in the episode "As Seen on TV."


The mysterious double looks exactly like Mr. Krabs. He never speaks.


  • Squidward: Mr. Krabs, everyone needs an understudy. [showing Mr. Krabs' Double]

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