Mr. Krabs' candy machine is a vending machine owned by Mr. Krabs, which is stored in his house. It appears in the episode "Wet Painters."


It is an aegean-blue vending machine that contains the coin and dollar slots and buttons on the upper left side and the dispenser on the bottom right side. It also depicts the word "candy" transcribed in gold letters within a red rectangle. Inside there are various packets of candy, though the only one specified is a chocolate bar.

Role in episode

After Patrick suggests that he and SpongeBob grab a dollar bill from his pocket to replace Mr. Krabs' first dollar that they got "permanent" paint on, SpongeBob tells him how great an idea that is and encourages him to do so. Though, Patrick instead decides to waste his dollar on a chocolate bar from Mr. Krabs' vending machine, much to SpongeBob's anxiety. However, the dollar is unaccepted from the machine twice. In both instances, a relived SpongeBob tells him to get it out so they can follow his plan, only for Patrick to force it in, which leads the machine to finally accept the bill.

After this struggle, he gets the chocolate bar he wanted.