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Mr. Krabs' Great Grandfather

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N. Unofficial Name

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Mr. Krabs' Great Grandfather
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Classification: Crab
Possibly part whale
Children: Redbeard Krabs (possible son)
Mr. Krabs' Grandma and/or Sally (possible daughters)
Grandchildren: Victor Krabs or Betsy Krabs
Eugene H. Krabs (great grandson)
Unnamed granddaughter
Pearl Krabs (great great granddaughter)
Unnamed great grandsons
Ancestors: William Krabs (possibly)
Princess Pearl (possibly)
King Krabs (possibly)
Prehistoric Krabs (possibly)
Other relatives: Redbeard Krabs (possible son-in-law)
Mr. Krabs' Grandma (possible daughter-in-law)
Series information
Appearance: "The Curse of Bikini Bottom" (mentioned)
List of characters

Mr. Krabs' Great Grandfather (possibly Great Grandpa Krabs) is one of four great grandparents of Eugene H. Krabs. He is only mentioned in the episode "The Curse of Bikini Bottom."


He and his wife may have had Redbeard Krabs or Mr. Krabs' Grandma. They may have also had Sally.


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