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Mr. Krabs' grandma (possibly Grandma Krabs) is the grandmother of Eugene H. Krabs and either the wife of Redbeard Krabs or the mother of Betsy Krabs. She first appears in a picture in Mr. Krabs' wallet in the episode "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom."


She is a pale-red, wrinkled crab with gray hair and skintags. She has no teeth and wears dentures made out of cardboard.


"The Sewers of Bikini Bottom"

She may have married Redbeard Krabs. If she did, then the two had Victor Krabs together. If she did not marry Redbeard, then she had Betsy Krabs.

At some point, she gained a pair of false teeth that were made out of cardboard.

"Grandmum's the Word"

She appears as Mr. Krabs' tattoo on his chest.


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