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Mr. Krabs' ghost-defense items are objects that only appear in the episode "Pranks a Lot."


Mr. Krabs' Ghost Defense Items, like the name says, are used to help Mr. Krabs defend himself from any ghosts. Mr. Krabs states that it is why he isn't afraid of any ghosts.


  • A spotted neckerchief (which was blue and white in color)
  • Dried-up Sea Leprechaun (which was kept in a bottle)
  • Gold (which was worn around his neck and said "Foxy")

Mr. Krabs, at this point, said that to be on the safe side, he:

  • Wore his pants in a Melvin knot.
  • Had his feet shackled together in a shivering timber brace.
  • The hair on the back of his neck was taped down.
  • Wore his Anti-Ghost Armor.
  • And was armed with the "Specter Deflector" (which was a paddleball set).

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