Mr. Krabs' First Dollar is the first dollar earned by Eugene H. Krabs and first appeared in the episode "Wet Painters."



  • Original Version - The Dollar looks normal and Mr. Krabs hung it on the wall.
  • Patrick's Version - Patrick drew on it with crayon and it looked nothing like a real dollar.

Role in series

In "Wet Painters," after SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star got paint on it, Patrick colored it to look like a dollar and ruined it. However, Mr. Krabs was able to clean it up with saliva. It is revealed how Eugene H. Krabs got his first dollar in "Friend or Foe."



  • Along with Mr. Krabs' First Dollar, he also has received his Millionth Dollar.
  • There have been different stories about Mr. Krabs' First Dollar.

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