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Well, we'll see what Mr. Feather has to say about that.
— Plankton, "One Coarse Meal"

Mr. Feather is a feather that only appears in the episode "One Coarse Meal."


Mr. Feather is a pink feather that is relatively larger than Plankton. Plankton only ever uses it once.

Role in episode

It is personified by Plankton as a way to give the feather "character." He uses the feather to tickle Mr. Krabs. He also threatens to tickle SpongeBob, who breaks down and accidentally reveals the location of the Krabby Patty secret formula.


  • Despite its name, Mr. Feather is not considered a character because it does not show any form of anthropomorphism.
    • Also, the feather is never seen coming to life.

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