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The Motorcycle Ghost is one of the Flying Dutchman's friends in the episode, "Ghost Host" when the Dutchman needed some time off for 6 months. He also appears in the episode, "Séance Shméance."


In "Ghost Host," Purple Ghost was riding on a motorcycle and he crashed into SpongeBob's house wall inside and Purple Ghost survived with his head popped out of the ectoplasm and says "How was that?". SpongeBob got angry and told all of the ghosts and Nancy Suzy Fish to leave.

In "Séance Shméance," he is the first customer that comes from the underworld to eat at Rusty's Rib Eye.

He also appears in "SpongeBob Moves In!"


In "Ghost Host," he is a purple creature-like ghost with yellow eyes and red pupils, a purple tail, sharp teeth, a purple skin, and legs.

In "Séance Shméance," he is green and doesn't have legs.

In "SpongeBob Moves In!," his hands are claw-like.


  • "Look out below!" (rides on a motorcycle and crashes into the wall and his head pops out of his ectoplasm) "How was that?"
  • "Turn the knob up."

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