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Monsters from the Party
Occupation(s): Party goers
Physical appearance
Gender: Male and female
Color: Green, yellow, purple, light brown, blue
Classification: Monsters
Series information
Appearance: "The Clash of Triton"
List of characters

The Monsters from the Party are three mythological creatures that are loyal subjects to King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite. They are only seen in the special episode, "The Clash of Triton."


Neptune and Amphitrite were invited to the party with their monsters. SpongeBob asked Amphitrite if anyone is missing in the party. The Purple Hag, the Green Sea Monster, and the Mud Monster were thinking who is missing. Triton trapped them in a cage with Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Amphitrite, and Neptune. SpongeBob and Patrick freed them and Neptune gets very mad at Triton. After Neptune sees the destruction created by Triton, Neptune hugged his son for doing the right thing. SpongeBob, Patrick, Amphitrite, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and the Monsters from the Party were cheering for them. The Mud Monster, the Green Sea Monster, and the Purple Hag decided not to go to Atlantis and they wanted to stay on ground.

In the Clash of Triton PC Game, the monsters are given names and Triton uses them to cause destruction before SpongeBob and Patrick defeat them.

They also appeared in the short called "SpongeGod" where they were eating with Neptune and Amphitrite while Patrick talks to SpongeBob about becoming a god.



  • Mud Monster - a large monster made of brown mud all around his body. He usually only shows a single tooth in his mouth, and he does not have eyeballs, but has eyeholes. He is possibly the uncle of Triton and Mindy and the brother of Neptune and Amphitrite. In the game, his name is Frank. He could be a reference to Clayface, a batman villain.
  • Green Sea Monster - a mutated green creature with a face in his large yellow eye and has another eye on his arm and has a snake mouth and nostrils on his chest. He is probably the brother of Neptune and Amphitrite and the uncle of Triton and Mindy. In the game, his name is Shapeshifter.
  • Purple Hag - a purple fish-like being with messy hair and purple skin. He wears red clothes and has a long beard. He might be the uncle of Triton and Mindy and the brother of Neptune and Amphitrite. His name is Phorkyss.


  • One of the monsters from the party becomes a ghost in "Séance Shméance."
  • In the credits one of them is called Phorykes or spelled something like that.

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