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Money Dragon
Interests: Eating money
Physical appearance
Color: Light green
Eye color: Yellow with red pupils
Classification: Dragon
Enemies: Eugene H. Krabs
Series information
Appearance: "Safe Deposit Krabs"
List of characters

The Money Dragon is a character who appears as the main antagonist during Mr. Krabs' imagination scene in the episode "Safe Deposit Krabs."


The Money Dragon greatly resembles an eel. It is light green in color and it loves eating money by sucking it into its mouth. The eel's eye color is yellow with red pupils


The Money Dragon is seen when it "eats" Mrs. Greenback. Mr. Krabs furiously attacks the dragon and eventually "destroys" it. The Money Dragon, in reality, is actually a vacuum cleaner.


  • Even though it is called a Money Dragon, it resembles an eel.
    • It's possible that Mr. Krabs mistook the eel for a dragon.

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