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Close-up view of Bikini Bottom currency

Money is an object that is used to pay for an item, services, or repayment of debts. There are many currencies. Mr. Krabs appears to be obsessed with money as seen in many episodes.

Known Units and Amounts

The money in SpongeBob SquarePants is the U.S. currency, loosely supported by the fact that Bikini Bottom is part of the USA. Known amounts include the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, one-dollar, five-dollar, and twenty-dollar. The largest unit was a five-hundred-dollar bill.[1]

The city of Atlantis has its own currency, but it appears to be gold, gems, and other seemingly golden objects. It is also said that the Atlanteans were not obsessed with wealth, as opposed to one of their visitors, Mr. Krabs. Nothing is known about the worth of the currency.


As seen in the episode Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation, all of the money in Bikini Bottom is made at the Bikini Bottom Mint. At there, the money goes through different processes in order to be made. There is even a step where old money is burned up and created into newer money. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob actually receive their own money with their faces on it (though, Pearl ends up taking them).


  • Sometimes, money (mostly coins) have the ability of speech and moving the face of the figure just as a gag. Examples include:
  • The last known five-hundred-dollar bill from the U.S. was printed in 1934.
  • Like U.S. currency, the coins are the same colors as their real counterpart.


  1. ^ As seen in "Penny Foolish"

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