Modern Dentistry is a magazine that appears in the episode "The Whole Tooth."


The cover is swampy-brown and shows an image of an elderly fish smiling with rather large, rotting teeth. The title is written at the top in light blue and light yellow text with the date it was published, "Aug. 1782," written on the left side, and "Weekly" written on the right side in cursive text. A barcode is on the bottom right of the front cover.

The magazine appears to not have been read in a long time, as Patrick blows away large amounts of dust off it.

Role in episode

The magazine is seen sitting on a table in the dentist office during SpongeBob and Patrick's visit. Patrick gets nervous and picks up the copy of Modern Dentistry. However, the fish on the cover frightens Patrick and he tosses it back onto the table.


Storyboard image


  • The fish on the cover is shown wearing clothes and a wig in a similar style to various men during the 1700s, most notably like Mozart's hair and clothes.