Modern Crochet is a magazine Squidward reads while slacking off at the Krusty Krab in the episodes "Karate Star," "InSPONGEiac," and "Lost in Bikini Bottom."


The magazine's cover is yellow in color. At the bottom, a knitting action can be seen, specifically a blue bowl with purple-colored yarn in it. Above the knitting, the magazine's title is shown in big dark purple letters.

It is about crochet, hence the title and cover. Squidward enjoys reading this.

Role in series

"Karate Star"

Squidward is seen reading Modern Crochet at the Krusty Krab while working.


Squidward is seen reading this magazine at the start of the episode while SpongeBob is mopping.

"Lost in Bikini Bottom"

Squidward is seen reading it at the Krusty Krab before the restaurant officially opens and SpongeBob shows up.


  • Squidward has never been seen crocheting, although this magazine could be proof that he does in fact enjoy crocheting or he just likes reading about it.