Moby Dollar is a giant dollar bill that Mr. Krabs dreams of catching one day. She physically appears in the episode "Sleepy Time" and is mentioned in the song "Fishin' for Money."


Moby Dollar appears to be a giant green dollar bill. She swims around the ocean and is quite flexible like a real dollar bill.

Abilities and talents

Moby Dollar has the ability to spit out pennies. She can also quickly hop around in land to quickly reach the ocean.

Role in series

"Sleepy Time"

Moby Dollar appears throughout Mr. Krabs' dream. Dream Mr. Krabs successfully catches her with the help of Dream SpongeBob. However, she escapes when SpongeBob does not keep an eye on the "net."

"Fishin' for Money"

Moby Dollar is revealed to be female. In the song, Mr. Krabs tries to catch her.


  • She is a parody of Moby Dick, the white whale from the story of the same name.
  • The music that plays when she appears is a parody of the Jaws theme.