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Miss Gristlepuss' Sisters
Banned in Bikini Bottom 10
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Occupation(s): Banning all foods that are fun and delicious
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Pale pink
Light blue
Light green
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Siblings: Miss Gristlepuss (sister)
Other relatives: Al Priss (brother-in-law)
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Al Priss
Eugene H. Krabs
Series information
Appearance: "Banned in Bikini Bottom"
List of characters

Miss Gristlepuss' sisters are former antagonists and appear in the episode "Banned in Bikini Bottom." They all work for Miss Gristlepuss.

They are employees of the T.U.O.O.F.A.T.T.A.F.A.D., and they all used to hate Krabby Patties before SpongeBob convinced them to try them.

They ride in a big red bus that is commonly used in Bikini Bottom.

Octavius rex2
"Octavius Rex, a.k.a. long, tan, and handsome!"
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