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The Mirror Monster has appeared in the episode "Rule of Dumb" and "Roller Cowards" when Patrick looks at himself in the mirror and sees that he is turning into a monster.


He is wearing the same clothes as Patrick but has larger, more spread out teeth, bigger eyebrows and has a bigger, and a more sinister face in general. He has also a much deeper and creepier voice as well. However in Roller Cowards he was far nicer and his voice was like more like Patrick's but he still showed some restraint to become Pat's friend as he called him a loser.


  • "I am you and you are ME!!!"
  • "(Both Patrick and Mirror Monster) AH! WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?"
  • "Knock-Knock"
  • "You! I don't get it"


  • The Mirror Monster might be based off an old theory on how the mirror world is actually filled with dark energy such as monsters.
  • The Mirror Monster might be related to or might be Alternate-Universe Patrick.
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