Not to be confused with Princess Mindy.

Minnie Mermaid is a very sassy and perky live actioned mermaid who only appears in the episode "Party Pooper Pants," during the Patchy segment. She is one of Patchy the Pirate's guests at his house party.


Minnie is a tan mermaid with long light blue hair. She wears a purple bikini top with seashells on it, and she has an iridescent purple tail.


During Patchy's party, which Minnie attends, she has to stay in a very tiny paddling pool, which can only fit the top of her tail. Patchy comes over to her when he is introducing everybody and accidentally sticks his hook into the pool, bursting it. After this, Minnie desperately starts to try to stop the leak.


  • At the end of the episode, Minnie is standing up with everybody else, despite what she said earlier about how if she wasn't in the paddling pool, she would die.
  • She is played by Sirena Irwin.

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