The miners are a group of fish that are mining gems in the lost mine. They first appear in the episode "Lost and Found" and later in the online game Lost Treasures.


The miners are short fish, each one wearing an outfit consisting of clothing that resembles stretch-knit pyjamas and a beanie-like hat. Each one has a beard, along with a pickax.

Role in series

"Lost and Found"

They appear in the lost mine mining gems, while SpongeBob is being chased by Ginger and the other kids from the Lost and Found.

Lost Treasures

They appear as background characters in the fourth level, mining gems that are in the maze's walls. When SpongeBob approaches one, the player can hear them hit the rock with their pickax.


  • In Lost Treasures, the sound of them hitting the rock with their pickax is sometimes played before or after they actually hit the rock.