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Milkshake Gremlin
Little Gremlin
Physical appearance
Color: Light green and yellow
Eye color: Black
Classification: Gremlin
Series information
Appearance: "Ghoul Fools"
List of characters

Milkshake Gremlins are paranormal creatures that sneak into milkshakes to duplicate. Only one appears in the episode "Ghoul Fools."


The Milkshake Gremlin is a very small creature that is light green in color. It appears to have a unibrow and two small light yellow horns. It also has even smaller yellow horns in between the larger ones, which go across its head. The Milkshake Gremlins have a habit of hiding in milkshakes.


I can turn into a skyscraper!
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  • The Milkshake Gremlin bears a strong resemblance to the Gremlins from the horror movie Gremlins.

Octavius rex2
"Octavius Rex, a.k.a. long, tan, and handsome!"
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