This is the page about Milk Shake. If you were looking for the article about the beverage, then see Milkshake.

Milk Shake is a restaurant that appears in Captain Frostymug's flashback in the episode "License to Milkshake."




The outside of Milk Shake is shaped as a giant milkshake. It has the colors pink, white, and blue on the outside. The restaurant's name is written in purple text that is outlined in blue. It appears to have no doors and also a single window just beside the opening. It also has yellow lights around the top and just over the entrance.


The inside of Milk Shake is in very good condition. It was run by Younger Frostymug and has pink walls and purple and white tile floor to match the exterior. It had a milkshake machine which was located behind Frostymug. It had chrome-like chairs and tables, and even had posters of milkshakes.



Milkshake hits exposed wire

Milk Shake only appears in Captain Frostymug's flashback when he starts to cringe when trying to blend a milkshake. The place appeared to be very popular with kids and teens and they loved Frostymug's milkshakes. However, things turned sour when Frostymug was blending a milkshake and some of the ice cream landed on an electrical wire. This caused the milkshake machine to malfunction and it sprayed ice cream in all of the kids' faces and they ran around screaming.


  • Milk Shake complied with the '70s dance/party theme.
  • Milk Shake may be similar to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise, which makes smoothies, similar to milkshakes.
    • It also may be similar to the Carvel Ice Cream store franchise, because Carvel also serves ice cream and milkshakes.