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  • Remember when you enter the conversation about what episodes should be banned? Yeah, there is no reason to think NONE of the episodes should be banned. It is an f***ing kids show! What about The Splinter and Face Freeze, the episodes with REALLY disgusting visuals that give many kids nightmares, should they not be banned? What about One Coarse Meal and Are You Happy Now, the episodes where Plankton (OCM) and Squidward (AYHN) attempt SUICIDE, should they be banned? What about A Pal For Gary and Pet Sitter Pat, episodes that focus on torture to Gary, should THOSE episodes be banned? What about Demolition Doofus, Squid Baby and countless others that make fun of somebody getting a serious injury. I mean sure, a piano falling on somebody's head is funny, but that is because most of the time the injury doesn't last long and it can never really happen. But in Demolition Doofus, Spongebob cripples Mrs. Puff, and she reacts by attempting to murder Spongebob. And what about Squid Baby, where they make a head trauma into a joke. How about Little Yellow Book, where Spongebob's privacy is invaded. And might I remind you these were the ones off the top of my head. Don't those sound like episodes that should be cancelled? According to you, no. It is 100% OK by your standards for kids to be exposed to this. It wouldn't be as bad on a show like Family Guy, because that show isn't aimed at kids. Spongebob is for kids. Think about that, and please consider changing your mind. I know I may have been a bit rude, but there are just some Spongebob episodes (over 100) that kids just shouldn't watch.

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    • Have you seen other kids shows? All the stuff you mentioned would be considered completely tame by the standards of other kids shows. Tom and Jerry is essentially about a Mouse and a Cat trying to murder each other every episode. Bugs Bunny and Micky Mouse are two other examples which also use some pretty heavy stuff. Those three shows traumatized exactly 0 of the children who watched them, so I think all the episodes you listed are perfectly acceptable as well.

      Kids aren't stupid. They are well aware that none of the characters are going to get killed off for real, and that their injuries are only temporary. Even if Squidward suffers brain damage in one episode, he'll still be back to his old self by the next one.

      I'm against infringing on Stephen Hillenburg's freedom of speech, and I am against treating children like they're Fabergé eggs who can't handle what their grandparents were perfectly able to handle at their age.

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  • Hi, welcome to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia! Thanks for your edit to the How can a Krab be the father of a whale? page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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