aka anaïs

  • I live in seattle
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is vocalist, biology student
  • I am
Time machine icon My local time is: 6:21PM PDT, Tuesday, November 21, 2017 (update)
please check my local time before messaging. click update or it may not be accurate.
Support do message me if
  • a user needs to be warned or blocked
  • a page needs to be protected
  • a protected page needs fixing
  • a page or image needs to be deleted
  • you have a question for me — see exceptions below
Oppose do not message me if
  • you are asking me to do something you could easily do yourself
  • you are angry — please calm down. any hateful or hostile messages will be immediately removed. constructive criticism and corrections are okay as long as they are done politely.
  • you are going to write in all caps — caps are very unpleasant for me to read.
  • you are going to write in a language other than english or spanish — these are the only two languages i can understand. translation programs are often unreliable and likely to cause a misunderstanding.
  • you want me to enter the chatroom for any reason or solve an issue taking place only in chat — i am not the admin to ask to deal with chat issues. any messages asking me to enter chat or guilt tripping me about not wanting to enter chat will be removed.
  • you want to be unbanned from chat — again, i am not the one to ask regarding chat issues. please make an appeal at ESB:Chat ban reviews.
  • you want me to visit or join a certain wiki

ѕqυιєωαя мεssαgε ωαℓℓcσηтяιвυтισηsε∂ιтcσυηт 01:21, November 22, 2017 (UTC)

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