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April 19, 2014
  • I live in Ohio
  • My occupation is Студент
  • I am Male
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    • I read through each of them, but it only says about the italics and the underlining which is just like italics, nothing involves with the bolding though.

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  • Hi Road,

    Guess what, my bot got flagged today! But now I'm not sure what to do next. Do you think you can come to ESB chat right now? Thanks.


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  • can i speak with you please 

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  • Why did you just give me an Unjust ban?

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  • idk wlho you are to criticize nme you lrame asys dork.. stahp tryinng c2 run teh wiji.. nyou arent an admni

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  • Road, I'm Surprised No one Talked With you yet, But i'll Tell you one thing, Why did you do this Road, You Had Tanhamman Unbanning all of your Bans, the False Ones, You have users in the Chatroom Calling you "Arrogant", A Jerk, And some days, Users PM me just to insult you, Both Spongebob456 And Pretzel Calling your Behavior "Unacceptable", And "not Chat Mod Material", And The other Admins Like ZeoSpark And Muchacha Noticed and told me that your Behavior Is Odd, So it's not my Fault that you are Practicably Hated By Almost Everyone of This Wiki, And i am Very mad at How you Rubbed how you are "Unblockable" in my Face, I Understand How Andrew Felt about 120d %500, People Give you Constructive Criticism, And you lash out at them, Road, What has Made you this way, And Don't Blame me though, i know it's not that, Cause I Experienced Your Behavior and Pretzel And Spongebob456 Experienced it, Zeo Saw it, And Muchacha Saw it, And I Convinced SpongeyFAN About it and He Believes me About it, And Many more Users Believe me now, And The reason i Blocked you on my Wiki is Because of a Thing called "Being punished for your Actions", It's when you Do Something that is Bad, And Leads to Consequences, And you're Kicks Are Hypocritical Cause you Do the Same thing The Person Did that Caused them to be Kicked but you Don't get Kicked cause you're a Mod,So Road, That is Bad, And The Mods also Agree with me, These Flame Wars YOU caused in Chat With Pretzel, That YOUR Actions Caused, Pretzel was Telling you not to Worry but you Cause Flame Wars, And on June 30th you banned Someone for Constructive Criticism, You Claim it's "Swearing" but i know it's not, Cause if it was Just Swearing, You Wouldn't Ban Them For It, And I Told Andrew About Your Actions From July 3rd and July 4th, And Pretzel Told Andrew About YOUR Recent Behavior, Road, Try to Learn That You're Not Immune to Criticism, And not to Lash out at other Users for it, And Know, That if you continue with this, Other Users Will Continue to Insult you, Ban you, And All that other Bad Stuff, So Try to Learn Road that just because you didn't get your Adminship, Doesn't mean That you have the right to Harass Other Users for no real Reason, And Make Hypocritical Kicks And False Bans or Bans for Minor Reasons to cover up the Real Reason. So know that Road, Now You Have a lot of Backlash Due to YOUR Actions and YOUR Decisions, And I was the 1st to have to put up with this Behavior of Yours Road, So Hopefully, Something Can be Done about your Behavior Road.

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  • Snoopy, 

    We have to discuss some shocking reports I have been hearing about you. Meet me in chat when you can. 

    70px-Killicon_grenade_launcher.pngJosephHawk 📪  20:57, July 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • I had to find a way to respond to his messages. The nearest wiki was this one.

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  • Robbie was just upset at me for modifiying/improving two articles from the GoAnimate v2 wiki. He claims that I was a "liar" and "that I was vandalizing". I have nothing against that kid, and since he was an admin on that site; he unjustly blocked me. He just can't respect my views on those two topics (fake vhs openings and Harry Partridge) that were mentioned on those pages.

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  • -!- Officersquidward2014 has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:00:34] <Tominator777> how hard?

    [2014-07-04 07:00:34] <Kidsview> Touhou 4? Meh

    [2014-07-04 07:00:39] <Kidsview> Easy

    [2014-07-04 07:00:48] <Kidsview> Touhou 4, I never seem

    [2014-07-04 07:00:51] <Kidsview> seen

    [2014-07-04 07:01:05] <SpongeyTube> Hi Officersquidward2014

    [2014-07-04 07:01:07] <Kidsview> But they have 14 games and a couple sequels

    [2014-07-04 07:01:14] <Officersquidward2014> SHUT UP SPONGEY

    [2014-07-04 07:01:19] <Kidsview> LOL

    [2014-07-04 07:01:24] <Officersquidward2014> STOP IT

    [2014-07-04 07:01:25] <Tominator777> HI Squidward

    [2014-07-04 07:01:29] <Kidsview> Whoa

    [2014-07-04 07:01:48] <Officersquidward2014> None of your business, THIS WIKI IS GONNA BE OVER FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL BY VSTF!

    [2014-07-04 07:01:54] <Tominator777> Squidward is acting like the one from Seasons 1-3

    [2014-07-04 07:02:04] <Kidsview> Umm

    [2014-07-04 07:02:04] <Officersquidward2014> What?

    [2014-07-04 07:02:16] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> What?

    [2014-07-04 07:02:16] <SpongeyTube> What?

    [2014-07-04 07:02:21] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> What do you mean officer?

    [2014-07-04 07:02:24] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Da hell?

    [2014-07-04 07:02:26] <Kidsview> He is getting rid of a good wiki, he might delete ALL WIKIS

    [2014-07-04 07:02:36] <Officersquidward2014> How come you dead

    [2014-07-04 07:02:42] <Kidsview> He wants this wiki EXTERMINATED

    [2014-07-04 07:02:43] <Officersquidward2014> IM GETTING RID OF THIS JUNK WIKI

    [2014-07-04 07:02:50] <Kidsview> HOW

    [2014-07-04 07:02:52] <Kidsview> WHY

    [2014-07-04 07:02:58] <SpongeyTube> Why is Officersquidward2014 mean now?

    [2014-07-04 07:03:02] <Officersquidward2014> By reporting this wiki to VSTF

    [2014-07-04 07:03:11] <Kidsview> What are you saying

    [2014-07-04 07:03:21] <Kidsview> what are you telling them

    [2014-07-04 07:03:23] <Officersquidward2014> SHUT UP SPONGEY BEFORE IM GONNA RUN YOU OVER

    [2014-07-04 07:03:27] <Officersquidward2014> To close this wikia

    [2014-07-04 07:03:32] <Kidsview> Why

    [2014-07-04 07:03:44] <Officersquidward2014> YOU SLUBS DONT KNOW VSTF? THEN GO TO HELL

    [2014-07-04 07:03:51] <Kidsview> IM CONTACTING WIKIA

    [2014-07-04 07:03:55] <Kidsview> BYE

    [2014-07-04 07:04:01] <Tominator777> ok

    [2014-07-04 07:04:08] <Officersquidward2014> What kidsview

    [2014-07-04 07:04:15] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Uh

    [2014-07-04 07:04:19] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Can someone kick him?

    [2014-07-04 07:04:26] -!- Kidsview has left Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:04:28] <SpongeyTube> I'll kick OS

    [2014-07-04 07:04:28] <Tominator777> i'll do it

    [2014-07-04 07:04:33] -!- Officersquidward2014 was kicked from Special:Chat by SpongeyTube

    [2014-07-04 07:04:34] -!- Officersquidward2014 has left Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:04:45] -!- Officersquidward2014 has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:04:48] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> This wiki won't get closed anyway

    [2014-07-04 07:04:58] -!- Tominator777 has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:05:10] <Tominator777> Yeah

    [2014-07-04 07:05:16] -!- SpongeyTube has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:05:17] -!- SpongeyTube has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:05:18] <Tominator777> unless he uploads porn

    [2014-07-04 07:05:30] <Officersquidward2014> I have to spam first

    [2014-07-04 07:05:38] <Tominator777> no Spam

    [2014-07-04 07:06:04] -!- SpongeyTube has left Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:06:21] -!- SpongeyTube has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:06:52] -!- Dezaunio has left Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:07:01] -!- Kidsview has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:07:14] -!- Dezaunio has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:07:15] -!- Dezaunio has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:07:20] <Kidsview> Who was he gonna contact?

    [2014-07-04 07:07:37] <Tominator777> Who knows

    [2014-07-04 07:07:42] <Kidsview> VNS?

    [2014-07-04 07:07:45] -!- Dezaunio has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:07:52] <Officersquidward2014> VSTF MORE LIKE FDPS

    [2014-07-04 07:08:17] -!- Kidsview has left Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:08:43] <Tominator777> FDPS?

    [2014-07-04 07:08:47] -!- Dezaunio has left Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:09:03] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> VTSF won't take it down

    [2014-07-04 07:09:11] -!- Dezaunio has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:09:16] <Tominator777> Yeah

    [2014-07-04 07:09:17] -!- Kidsview has joined Special:Chat

    [2014-07-04 07:09:24] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Spongebob456 and JosephHawk are both Wikia starts

    [2014-07-04 07:09:25] <Officersquidward2014> I'll hack AMK152 and spam it

    [2014-07-04 07:09:26] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> *Stars

    [2014-07-04 07:09:29] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> And are admins

    [2014-07-04 07:09:33] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> And officer, you can't do that

    [2014-07-04 07:09:36] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Don't pretend you can

    [2014-07-04 07:09:41] <Kidsview> Tomorrow I will go in the Wikia Community Central chat

    [2014-07-04 07:09:43] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Because we know you can't

    [2014-07-04 07:09:46] <Kidsview> and tell everybody about thos

    [2014-07-04 07:09:51] <Tominator777> you'll be Globial Blocked Squidward

    [2014-07-04 07:09:58] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Why don't we just block him now?

    [2014-07-04 07:09:58] <Kidsview> they will ban you from wikia, the end

    [2014-07-04 07:10:07] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> And they will ban your IP

    [2014-07-04 07:10:11] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> So you can't create a new account

    [2014-07-04 07:10:12] <Tominator777> We'll ask Spongey

    [2014-07-04 07:10:22] <Kidsview> Definetly

    [2014-07-04 07:10:22] <Tominator777> to Block Squidward

    [2014-07-04 07:10:24] <Officersquidward2014> I'll come back as ChiefWigglumYes and i will change my IP

    [2014-07-04 07:10:29] <Officersquidward2014> into proxy

    [2014-07-04 07:10:32] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> *facepalms*

    [2014-07-04 07:10:38] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> You can't change your computer IP

    [2014-07-04 07:10:40] <Kidsview> You told us

    [2014-07-04 07:10:47] <Tominator777> Don't be like Soap Macitivish Squidward

    [2014-07-04 07:11:01] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Someone update logs

    [2014-07-04 07:11:03] <Officersquidward2014> I can use Proxy software to change my IP

    [2014-07-04 07:11:25] <Kidsview> It's like he is Trolling us or something

    [2014-07-04 07:11:31] <SpongeyTube> Ask me what?

    [2014-07-04 07:11:36] <Officersquidward2014> IF YOU GUYS BLOCK ME, I CAN'T EDIT MY WIKIA

    [2014-07-04 07:11:37] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Block officer

    [2014-07-04 07:11:40] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> squidward

    [2014-07-04 07:11:43] <Kidsview> BLOCK OFFICER

    [2014-07-04 07:11:51] <Officersquidward2014> MY ARMS JUST GOT BITTEN

    [2014-07-04 07:11:53] <Tominator777> He's threatening to hack AMK152

    [2014-07-04 07:11:59] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> And the wiki

    [2014-07-04 07:12:01] <Officersquidward2014> Just kidding

    [2014-07-04 07:12:03] <Officersquidward2014> hahaha

    [2014-07-04 07:12:07] <Officersquidward2014> im not hacking dummies

    [2014-07-04 07:12:10] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> -_- that stuff isn't taken lightly

    [2014-07-04 07:12:19] <Tominator777> don't scam yourself Squiward

    [2014-07-04 07:12:19] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Mate, I was the one who said you couldn;t

    [2014-07-04 07:12:21] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> *couldn't

    [2014-07-04 07:12:26] <Officersquidward2014> Time to block SpongeyTube from my wikia

    [2014-07-04 07:12:30] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> It's still trolling

    [2014-07-04 07:12:34] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> And you can get blocked

    [2014-07-04 07:12:36] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Someone update logs

    [2014-07-04 07:12:42] <Officersquidward2014> im blocking spongeytube from my wikia then anyways

    [2014-07-04 07:12:44] <Kidsview> Seriously, I already made a blog to wikia community central and asked what should I do

    [2014-07-04 07:12:44] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> I'll copy and paste it to community central

    [2014-07-04 07:12:48] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> to get blocked from wikia

    [2014-07-04 07:12:55] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Tom, update logs

    [2014-07-04 07:12:58] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Or Spongey

    [2014-07-04 07:13:06] <SpongeyTube> I'll block Officersquidward2014

    [2014-07-04 07:13:13] <Officersquidward2014> where

    [2014-07-04 07:13:17] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Here.

    [2014-07-04 07:13:18] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Idiot

    [2014-07-04 07:13:20] <Kidsview> It's like he is Angry German Kid

    [2014-07-04 07:13:26] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> XD

    [2014-07-04 07:13:28] <Officersquidward2014> then i will block spongeytube from my wikia forever

    [2014-07-04 07:13:33] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> Oh no

    [2014-07-04 07:13:35] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> The world

    [2014-07-04 07:13:36] <Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000> It has ended

    [2014-07-04 07:13:39] <Kidsview> Does he care?

    [2014-07-04 07:13:41] <Officersquidward2014> huh

    A little bit later…..

    [2014-07-04 07:16:05] <Officersquidward2014> TELL ME NOW

    [2014-07-04 07:16:16] <Kidsview> Nothing 

    [2014-07-04 07:16:26] <Officersquidward2014> I will make a bot called ChiefWigglumYes

    [2014-07-04 07:16:40] <Officersquidward2014> and use it as my alt

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