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  • How about making a blog about the commentry of this month's mid-February releases?

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  • I see you got a new avatar there. Kylo Ren with a buff body right?

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  • Ask me to review episodes here!

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    • Lumoshi wrote:

      Tyler730 wrote:

      Lumoshi wrote: I finally watched the 2nd movie for the first time yesterday, so here's a review.


      This movie had several issues. The biggest issue was that the plot was quite weak - I did not like its "magical" storyline as a whole bunch of it didn't make sense, especially relating to Burger Beard and the storybook as well as the time machine. The plot as a whole could've used far more cohesion. I did enjoy the parts at the beginning when SpongeBob and Plankton worked together, but I feel like two key parts were rushed. The first was when they returned using the time machine - it felt that like within just a very short time, they were now heading to the surface (I liked the "background characters come with me" line). The ending was also extremely rushed. In the first movie, we had a very drawn out conclusion (with SpongeBob with the Goofy Goober guitar) that seemed to last the perfect amount, but in this movie, after they defeated Burger Beard, the movie was over within just a few minutes without properly wrapping it up, at least in my view. Another note is that the plot overall just didn't feel as serious as the first movie; that's not exactly a bad thing, considering it's SpongeBob, but I feel like they should have made it more dramatic - i.e. having more at stake, like how in the first movie, they had to find King Neptune's crown or else Mr. Krabs would legitimately die. So that's what I think of the plot - it could've been much better. Now to address some other things.

      I really like how the characterization in this movie (mostly) reversed some of the flanderization we'd been seeing in the last few seasons of the show, especially SpongeBob's character. For example, in the last few seasons, he'd been acting very stupid and more "happy" than ever, but the movie made him seem smarter and more serious while at the same time maintaining the core elements of his personality intact as we'd seen in the older seasons. SpongeBob's voice was also no longer as squeaky as it was in later seasons. I also like how Plankton was characterized and how the movie focused on his struggle to work as a team member; at the end, he finally managed to realize it. I wish there was more of a focus on the other main characters though. Patrick and Squidward for sure needed more screen time, as I felt they barely got any lines compared to SpongeBob and Plankton. Even Mr. Krabs might've had more lines. I think Sandy was just fine, as they gave her a scene early on in the treedome. Gary's appearance was just right, too; his scene where he had taken over SpongeBob's house was one of those that made me laugh out loud. The new characters were... meh. Bubbles was a bit too weird, in basically every aspect (one note I have to the filmmakers: Jupiter and Saturn are GAS GIANTS! they're not made of rock and would not look like that at all if they collided). Burger Beard was slightly more interesting, although I did not like at all the idea of talking seagulls surrounding him.

      Now, to the visuals. The visuals were fantastic. I really loved the 2D portions in particular. Probably my favorite style out of the whole series, beating out season 3, the first movie, and early season 4. The atmosphere was fantastic, especially the scenes with Bikini Bottom turned into a wasteland and all the Bikini Bottomites wearing barbarian gear. My favorite of these was Sandy's treedome, which had been completely reimagined to fit the apocalyptic atmosphere. It looked absolutely amazing. The time machine parts looked interesting but felt far too weird to work for me. The 3D portions looked fantastic - while I thought the portions themselves were weak, the CGI looked amazing. Really nice visuals throughout this movie, I really commend the team for that.

      My next (and final) topic I will discuss is humor. It seemed most of the humor was pun-based, especially with the "gimme the formula" joke and later, the anemone joke. It made me laugh a little, but it's not that funny; it's not the typical SpongeBob humor we've seen throughout the show. I also intensely disliked that they threw in a fart joke during the WW1 scene. Just disgusting. A lot of the movie was strong in some other aspects, but humor throughout felt lacking. Except for a few scenes (Gary's scene in particular, and when Sandy was eating the Krabby Patty with Patrick watching), I barely laughed throughout the movie, and that's not good, considering it's SpongeBob. Many parts of the plot felt weak, as I mentioned before, so some decent humor could have made it much more fun to watch. I expected more, considering Hillenburg was working on the movie, but what I saw was alright.

      In conclusion, this movie did several things well, but it also had large issues, especially with plot. I hope the third movie has a much stronger plot and some better humor as well. I'll watch the first movie again sometime soon and review it as well.

      Rating: B / 84/100

      What about the fact that they threw in a really forced rap battle in the end? What are your thoughts on that?
      Oh right, I almost forgot about that. I didn't really like it honestly, it felt too cringy.

      I found it funny.

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    • Can you review Evil Spatula?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The Round of 32 of Mega SpongeBob Madness will begin on December 27, 2017 at 2:30 PM ET.

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  • Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

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  • Have you ever played any SpongeBob video games?

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  • I am still waiting for more of User:Lumoshi/Episode ratings, mostly because I enjoy the picture rating system which inspired many other users to do the same.

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  • So I decided to make an image based on your Top 100 Worst Episodes. I will do one for the Top 100 Best soon.
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