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  • Might I asked why you have suddenly blocked me, yet not blocked the troll I reported?

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  • I did what you asked me to do, which was leave Taylor Halliwell alone. 

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  • JCM

    Hey, I noticed you haven't edited the SBC Wiki since February, and you're the only bureaucrat there, so I was wondering if you could give me back my admin rights so I could bring it up to date. (The link to the forums on the main page doesn't work, for example, and I can't edit it.) I understand you had a bad experience with one of the other former admins, but I won't cause any trouble, and you can just remove my rights again if I do, anyway. I just want anyone who looks up SBC to have accurate information, whether it's on Wikia or anywhere else.

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  • You have been invited to Encyclopedia Quackeria-The New and Improved Milk and Quackers Show Wikia!

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  • Don't remove images from galleries. You did this back in September on the Bucket Sweet Bucket gallery.

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  • I guess what I said is true. I was only expressing my belifes. LIft the ban, NOW. You cant kick me for expressing my belifes. THis is a democracy.

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    Josephyr closed this thread because:
    Discussion is over - wait out the ban.
    04:18, April 5, 2015
  • It appears that you accidentally closed the "Petittions" thread. I will leave my response here.

    1. I am sure that you would not have argued this if I had not brought this up. In other words, people don't care about things until it effects them.

    2a. Why don't you just change your username to "Pretzel". It would definitely be easier than trying to remember that "Pretzel" is JoshephHawk.

    2b. Advice is help. I am not trying to be mean when I correct people. Remember, it is just how you read my messages.

    3a. But, you did. Not responding would be just ignoring it and going on.

    3b. I highly doubt that ALL admins have agreed not to highlight petitions. Also, Tom seems to be willing to as long as I can stop you people from making up rules. You cannot control everyone.

    4a. It is not common sense.

    4b. You seem to be in denial, but that is only to be expected when someone's values are questioned.

    4c. If it is not a rule, then Tom can highlight my thread and will not be punished or scorned for it.

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    Josephyr closed this thread because:
    The discussion is over.
    01:01, March 2, 2015
  • Tominator777, told me that the community does not like it when Petitions threads are highlighted because they think it is not highlight-worthy.

    He told me that you could explain it better. Can you explain it?

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    Josephyr closed this thread because:
    This discussion is over.
    00:19, March 2, 2015
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    • JosephHawk wrote:
      120d, allow me to be very clear: Knock off the immature, rancid, juvenile, and down-right uncivil attitude.

      1. Your first statement is just plain absurd. We have, on average, over 6+ contributors to each petition. So yes, people actually see it. A highlight doesn't need to replace RecentChanges, or WikiActivity.

      2. I can do as I like in this regard. Stop correcting people.


      See, this is why I hate you not being in the skype group. We make these things up, and agree to them unanimously in the Skype chat. But because you refuse to join us, and give commentary on our discourse, you flip out when we mention something that we all agree to.

      So no, we don't have a written rule, but we have common sense, and unanimity in this matter.

      Shyguy-emoticon.gifJoey (talk)

      1. While there are some people who find it, it is because they are trying to find it. Also, are you saying we should only have a few contributors for a petition? That sounds absurd.

      2a. It is useless to have this. Also, why do you call yourself, "Pretzel"?

      2b. I will not stop correcting people. Anyone who asks me to stop correcting people is basically asking me to stop helping people. I only correct people to help.

      3a. That is not common sense. Common sense is basic things like knowing the alphabet of your language or knowing the directions. Also, it is not common sense just because you say it is.

      3b. Anything agreed on in the Skype has no merit here. Just because you and a bunch of admins agree on it, does not make it a rule. Unless it is agreed on by the actual community on ESB, and then adding to the official rules of the wiki, then it is not a rule.

      4. In regards to my behavior, your response to my third point proves that you are being far less mature than I am. I am just trying to stop people from making up rules and then claiming that people have to follow those rules because they said so.

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    • 1. Nope. I am saying that you never had this issue with any other peition, until you wanted to make one. And when you realized it wasn't going to be highlighted, flipped out. I find it hard to believe you are truly concerned about this, when in reality, numerous petitions have gone on without highlights that haven't bothered you at all.

      2a. My choice. And Pretzel was given to me by the users here on chat. It is now my official nickname.

      2b. Be honest with yourself. There is a difference between offering advice, and actually helping, vs being rude and condescending with correction.

      3a. I'm... I'm not even gonna respond to that.

      3b. Well, then you clearly know nothing of the behind-the-work actions of ESB. ALL admins have agreed to not highlight petitions. So, it may not be a rule, but good luck getting someone to highlight it when we've all agreed not to.

      4. This is where you are wrong. It's not a rule. It's just something all admins have agreed to because it's common sense. 

      I'm having this closed know. You know all of our positions, and it's not going to be changed. 

      Shyguy-emoticon.gifJoey (talk)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Joseph you can also do it:


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