SpongeBob SquarePants


aka Gar

  • I live in Winnipeg
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is to stop GA's stupidity!
  • I am Male

Ask anything. No spamming, type gibberish, etc. I won't respond.
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  • Back to chat before Tom is AFK!

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  • We need to have a chat about your behaviour in chat. This isn't really a warning, but it's not a casual conversation.

    Firstly: You continue to link your Wiki in main chat. I have asked you time and time again to PM people your Wiki. Doing it in main chat is advertisement and is the reason you have been banned multiple times.

    Mini-modding/Acting with responsibilities: You can call it whatever you want, but basically what it means is you're pretending to have responsibility, when A: You don't, a you're a fair way away from being in a chat mod responsibility. It's ok to tell people to stop, but when you're doing things like this:

    [2015-02-20 03:16:00] <Garchomp2012> Throw E-in overboard for saying that. [2015-02-20 03:16:09] <Garchomp2012> That was completely rude.

    [2015-02-20 03:16:47] <Garchomp2012> And while you're at it, put him in the brig.

    Not only have you told Tom to do this (instead of asking), it's not even correct. What he did certainly didn't deserve a ban. Which brings me to my next topic:

    B: Most of your decisions, or the things that you do, are wrong. You're asking or telling Administrators and/or chat mods to ban/kick users when they don't deserve it. I know you're trying your hardest to read the rules and understand the rules, but your decision making needs a lot of work.

    Basically, you're still advertising, you're making wrong decisions about your responsibility, and you're acting as if you have a lot of responsibility.

    The way you are behaving in chat actually makes me wonder if you'd actually make a good chat mod. Sorry if I'm sounding mean, but it's true.

    So yeah, this isn't a warning, but it's more of a start of a conversation about the things you're doing in chat.

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  • New rules for messaging me.

    1. No spamming. For instance, if you put in the same letter for more than 10 times, I won't respond to you.

    2. No gibberish. I will get annoyed and do nothing.

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