SpongeBob SquarePants


aka Dipper Pines

  • I live in Vmtozmw
  • My occupation is Dirgrmt Uzm Urxgrlm zmw Nzprmt Nb Ldm Uronh. Gsv lww xlnrx li zmrnzgrlm mld zmw gsvm. R olev dzgxsrmt uronh.
  • I am Yroo Xrksvi, Wvnlm lu Dvriwmvhh

Svool R'n Yroo Xrksvi! Yv hfiv gl ovzev z nvhhztv. Ru blf wlm'g R'oo gfim zoo lu blfi ylwrob ufmxgrlmh rmhrwv lfg. Szszszszsz! Qfhg prwwrmt, R'n mlg ylgsvivw ru blf wlm'g ovzev z nvhhztv yfg yv hfiv gl ollp >:W

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