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  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on September 7
  • I am Male
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  • Please don't crate pages that dosn't have any sense, if you want a copy request on my Wall.

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    •  ==Oh I Wish It Would Be An Endless Summer==
        You Know Whats Endless Right?Then Watch This Episode On Youtube To Know More Why Mr.K Made It A Endless
        [[File:The_Endless_Summer.jpg|thumb|left|I Wish It Would Be An Endless Summer....]]
        Summer That Also Failed....Because Of Too Much Fire To Make Global Warming And To Open His New Krusty Pool.But Things Got Worse It Was To Hot That All The People Moved To Colder Climates And The Pool Got Boiled And Disappeared.So Would You Even Like A Endless Summer When Its To Hot To Enjoy It?All Of Us Only Enjoy The Summer For 2 Months Only Because You Know......SCHOOL!!!! Yes Thats The Reason Why We Only Have 2 Months Of Summer Which We Enjoyed But Its Also Sad When Its Finally Over.....When We Were At School We Always Think On What We Did Last Summer When We Went To The Beach,Hangout With Friends And Also Play Computer Which Is The Number 1# Source Of Addictiveness Which Is Not Real But Please Dont Get To Addictive This Summer.......This Is The Season To Enjoy Not Destroy!!!!![[File:Bummer_Vacation.jpg|thumb|Vacation Bummer Style :D]]
        sa.jpg|Play As Sandy To Chop Some Falling Acorns!|link=
        spot.jpg|Play As The Soap Used To Clean Spongebob|link=
        piz.jpg|Serve Hungry Costumers Not Only With Krabby Patty,But With Some Pizza Too|link=
        best.jpg|Don't Ruin The Best Day Ever Of Spongebob In This Game|link=
        [[User:Colinster|Colinster]] 12:51, April 8, 2012 (UTC)Play This Game Just Right Click And Open New Tab To Play The Game.
        ==Questions And Answers Just MW Me Anytime When I'm ==
        [[File:SWEET,_SWEET,_SWEET_VICTORY!.jpg|thumb|Its The Sweeeeeeeeeet Victory!]]
        Ex.Who Is Spongebob's Best Friend? Answer:Patrick #Questions: Answers: #Questions: Answers: #Questions: Answers: #Questions: Answers: #Questions: Answers: #Questions: Answers:
        [[File:Welcome_to_the_Chum_Bucket.jpg|left|thumb]] ==I Mean Welcome To My Page!==
        Hello Friend Welcome To My New Page Which I Was Planning To Put Some Topics About The Characters Even If They Already Have.......But Still I Will Put Some Just To Make My User More Bigger!!!!
        ==If You Need Some Help Just Write On My Message Wall I'd Be Glad To Help :D==
        ==First Topic#Plankton==
        Plankton A Small One Of A Kind And A Evil Scientist......Kinda..... Except Everytime He Fails To Steal The Krabby Patty Formula He Always Gets Kicked Or Throwed By His One Of A Kind Rival Mr.K A.K.A The Owner Of The Krusty Krab....Everytime Plankton Sees The Formula His Mouth Waters Like This....
        [[File:Krabs.jpg|thumb|The Krabby Patty!!]]
        [[File:Adadasd.jpg|left|thumb|The Krabby Patty!!!Is All Mine!!]]
        Then Thats The Time Mr.K Interferes Plankton Because He Is Stealing The Krabby Patty.[[File:Et.jpg|thumb|You Get Away From Me Krabby Patty Plankton!]]
        HaHa Busted From Stealing The Krabby Patty!!!!!
        Thats Why Mr.K Never Lets Anyone Or Anything Get His Precious Formula And Of Course His Money.
        Planktons Dream To Destroy Bikini Bottom Especially Mr.K
        ==Second Topic#Mr. Krabs==
        Mr.K Planktons Worse Enemy But The Good One Is Krabs Meet Mr, K A One Of A Kind Money Maker And Also......You Know...Chief! Mr.Krabs A Chief Crustacean And He Never Lets Go Of His
        Money Which He Is Now Holding....Born As A Pirate Kind
        And Speaks Like A Pirate.
        All Mr.K Does Everyday Is Stay In His Office And Smell The Money He Earns And Counts It...But When The Krabby Patty Is Stolen,Mr.K Splits Into Action And Stop His Worse Enemy Known As Plankton A.K.A Owner Of The Chum Bucket.
        Mr.K's Dream To Catch The Biggest Money In The Sea!
        ==Third Topic#Patrick==
        A Chubby Pink Star And Spongebob's BFF, A Little Dumb But A Cheerful One......Everyday Patrick And Spongebob Go Jellyfishing To Have Fun
        [[File:Asd.jpg|thumb|This Is The Crazy Stuff!]]
        But When Things Go A Little Crazy Jellyfishes Shock Them....See This Pic
        Patrick Has A Secret Under His Under Wear...Do You Know It???
        THE IRON BUTT!!!!!!!![[File:Ironbu.jpg|thumb|left|The Iron BUtt!]]
        He Used This To Defeat The Wrestlers.
        Patrick's Dream Of Riding A Seahorse.
        [[File:Sea.jpg|thumb|right|Sea Horse!]]
        ==Fourth Topic#Sandy ==
        Spongebob's Texas Friend And A Well Known Karate Master And The Champion Of The Karate Championship.
        A Squirrel That Lives In Texas And Born From Texas Accidentally Went To The Sea And Met The Fishes Of Every Kind Of Course Spongebob And The Rest Of The Gang Too....
        [[File:Images_(2).jpg|thumb|Spongebobs Friends!]]
        Sandy's Dream Of Sky Diving!
        ==Fifth Topic#Squidward==
        The Well Clarinet Player And Spongebob's Miserable Neighbor
        [[File:Cash.jpg|thumb|Register!]]He Works At The Krusty Krab In Charge Of The Cash Register....
        He Always Dreams Of Having Hair....But He Cant Do It When Spongebob Is Always Ruining His Life.
        Squidwards Big Dream Of Being A Clarinet Star.
        ==And Our Main Topic#Spongebob Squarepants!!!!!==
        [[File:Spongef.jpg|thumb|left]]Hello Friends I Am Spongebob Squarepants!
        Meet Spongebob Our Favorite And Main Character He Is The Star Of The Show Everyones Favorite Cartoon Character And Favorite Show......His Story Takes Place In His Mothers Tummy.....And That Story Was The First Time He Went To The Krusty Krab And Discovered How Delicious The Krabby Patty Tastes And Another Story When He Moved In To Bikini Bottom And Bought A House Fit For Him Luckily The Last House He Saw Was A Pineapple That Fell From The Sky Accidentally So There His Life Began.....He Also Met New Friends And Neighbors Including Patrick And Squidward Oh Wait He Already Met Patrick When They Were Still Babies So He Only Met Squidward Instead....So His Adventure Began And It Was The Birth Of Spongebob Squarepants!!!!!!!!!
        Ummmmm....I Dont Mean The Birth Of Spongebob When He Was At The Tummy Of His Mother I Meant The BIrth Of Spongebobs Episodes And Loads Of Adventurous Tales To Be Seen!
        ==What I Hate==
        {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table article-table-selected" style="height: 500px; width: 500px; "
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate Doing?
        |More '''Chores''' At Home!
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate Listening
        |The '''Wailing''' Of My Small Brother
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate Eating Sometimes?
        ! scope="row"|Who I Hate?
        |My Stupid '''Neighbor'''
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate At Home?
        |Our ''' Maid!!'''
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate Playing?
        |Too Much '''RPG''' Games
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate Doing? Second Part
        |'''Buying''' Bread Late At Night When My Parents Tell Me To Buy!
        ! scope="row"|What I Hate Most?
        |Still The Maid
        ==Random Doings==
        [[File:Eleven_Minutes_Later..._.png|thumb|left|140px|I Wonder What I Did Before Eleven Minutes...]]Hmmmmmm....I Wonder Ok Maybe I Should Take A Bath >
           This Happens After You Take A Bath >>>>>>>>[[File:Snow.jpg|thumb|Now This Is What I Call A SnowBall Effect!]][[File:Snowball_Effect.jpg|thumb|left|This Is What Happens When A Snowball Hits You.]]
        [[File:Doc.jpg|thumb|This Happens When You Swallow Too Much Snowballs.]] Need To Go To The Doctor
        [[File:Dovs.jpg|thumb|left|You Are Now Cured!]]
                                                                For Checkup!!!
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    • Ok I Admit Im Sorry Please Dont Block Me Again :( And I Also Need The Page I Requested From You....

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  • Hi, welcome to SpongeBob SquarePants! Thanks for your edit to the User:Colinster page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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